I’m back

Dear Diary

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. Things have been so crazy and I just needed to unplug from everything.

I checked my emails this morning and there was a message from the Social Worker: they’ve decided to open a S47 Child Protection investigation which will allow them to access the children’s medical and education records without parental consent.

The intention is not to further worry or frustrate the parents or children but to open up an investigation and gain information which will further clarify the nature of the children’s illnesses, why they are not attending education and how parents and professionals can then work together with a better understanding in order to support the children further.”

We gave them consent to contact our GP, the children’s Psychiatrist and the school. They have letters from the doctors as well as copies of our correspondence with the school. Unless they’re hoping to complete their own assessment of medical information and disagree with current diagnoses I genuinely do not see what other information they can gain.

The Social Worker met with the Psychiatrist months ago and the reasons were explained very very clearly: fear of school because of trauma at school. What more do they want???!

What really frustrates me is that this is exactly what the school wanted: they kept referring us to Social Services knowing that multiple referrals would themselves raise red flags and be a cause for concern. They did this without any consideration of the distress to our children. It is an extension of the trauma already inflicted by the school.

Honestly, the amount of time and energy we have had to dedicate to dealing with bullsh*t from the school over the past year is truly astounding. We are all saturated.

Thankfully Child 1 is now being home educated again so that removes the trauma and distress of having to attend a place that traumatised them.

Child 2 is still enrolled and we are hoping this year will be much better. They are very very nervous. I am too.

Lots of love from Me xxx