The Circle of Life

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Dear Diary

We’ve had some awful news.

My Husband’s father (Grandad) has been admitted to hospital. His brain tumor has advanced and his condition has deteriorated too much for him to be cared for at home. It happened so fast even the clinicians were surprised.

They’ve now stopped all treatment and are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible.

It hasn’t had the emotional impact that it could have but I think that’s because when he was diagnosed at the end of 2018 and the prognosis was ‘no more than 12-14 months’ we all prepared ourselves for his passing.

We had planned to spend a lot more time with them but they live some distance away so we have not seen them since February 2020.

The Children have had mixed reactions. I think Child 1 had resigned themselves to this inevitability a long time ago but Child 2 had taken the hopeful approach and was more shocked when we told them about Grandad. Both are very worried about their Granny.

This week The Children are accompanying The Husband for a trip to spend some time with Granny. It is unsure if they will be permitted to visit Grandad. We are not sure we should let The Children visit Grandad because the tumor is having a significant negative effect his behaviour.

We talked with both Child 1 and Child 2 about what is happening and I think we have all emotionally accepted what is going on. No doubt when he actually passes it will hurt.

Lots of love from Me xxx