The Very Patient Husband

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Dear Diary

I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband. I just wanted to get that out there at the very start. He is amazing.

Of course he has some quirks- who doesn’t?- but his steadfast love and support have kept me sane.

Are there times I feel like strangling him? Absolutely!!! More than I would like to publicly declare!

But none of us are perfect. We all have our issues and I’m grateful we make a good team: he is strong where I’m not and I’m strong where he isn’t. What more could we ask for?

But he is also INCREDIBLY STUBBORN. Yes, definitely deserving of all caps.

He almost died in January. Major heart attack compounded by a 3 hour wait for an ambulance.

That’s not his fault you say. No, it isn’t- except for the entire preceding month when he wasn’t feeling well and I kept asking him to go to the GP. The entire month.

Why are men so reluctant to seek help?

He had a very rough 3 weeks in hospital and his heart stopped during one of the procedures. Thank goodness they got his heart going again!

The recovery has been very slow but at least we have a recovery!!

Always count the blessings.

Lots of love from Me xxx