Dear Diary

Child 1 is soooo much more themselves since they were withdrawn from school.

The difference, while not surprising, is astounding and really highlights just how much trauma has been inflicted by the school and the importance of recognising and treating the trauma.

They are so much less withdrawn, depressed, angry. They are a lot more interactive now and they are much much much MUCH happier. I can see the sheer relief of not having to worry about being at school. It is like a shadow has been lifted off their shoulders.

How many more children have unrecognised trauma because of school?

Actually, that’s not quite right. The trauma is because of individuals who enjoy power-tripping over children: they bully children behind the protection of being a member of staff.

One of Child 2’s bullies actually said, ‘this is how children are spoken to at secondary school.’

I was stunned: they would most definitely not speak to an adult the same way.

I certainly hope that it is not the norm to order a child to stop using the toilet or to threaten a child with a call to their parents or to threaten a child with a punishment for doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

I hope that it is not the norm for children to be shouted at and disrespected at school.

I hope it is not the norm for children to be punished for telling their parents what has happened at school.

Schools are not inherently traumatic and can be truly wonderful places. School was an escape for me. I hated school holidays and counted down the days until we were back to school.

Have I done the wrong thing by teaching my children to have an expectation of being respected?

Lots of love from Me xxx