Inclusivity & Stigma

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Dear Diary

I saw this thread on Twitter, written by a teacher who struggled with self-harm when they were younger:

It is so upsetting that she has been treated so appallingly by the SMT but it does not surprise me. It reflects a lack of awareness, empathy, compassion and understanding. These are the people leading our schools and guiding our children.

There seems to be a problem with SMTs making life very difficult for many teachers who may not necessarily stick to the straight and narrow pathway the SMT deems appropriate.

Mental health awareness has risen to the fore of our social consciousness and that is a good thing, long past due.

We need this to be an open discussion. We need to remove the stigma.

We should be giving children the support they need by letting them know:

– they’re not alone,

– they’re not crazy,

– there are people they can talk to safely and without judgement,

– they can get through whatever they’re going through,

– there is no need to be ashamed of how they are feeling,

– we are here for them, unconditionally.

Children are smart- give them the freedom and respect to consider and question. That’s how they learn.

Lots of love from Me xxx

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