Let it go, let it go!

Audio version

Dear Diary

Why am I so hung up on things that have happened in the past? I’m usually good at forgiving.

The Psychiatrist says I have to stop feeling guilty for what Child 1 went through at school. But how can I?

And why can’t I let go of the anger I feel about what Child 2 went through this academic year? Went through yesterday.

How am I supposed to set a good example for The Children when I am struggling with it?

It isn’t like they fell over and got a little scratch. The things they went through have scarred them psychologically and emotionally. They are permanent scars.

I think the lack of remorse/apology from the school fuels my anger.

The lack of empathy and compassion shocks me.

I’m praying for guidance.

Lots of love from Me xxx

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