Another Wow

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Dear Diary

In another twist of the school saga, I received a response essentially telling me that they bear no responsibility for what happened yesterday.

What happened yesterday?

It was the last day of the year and Child 2 dug deep into their reserves and went in.

Child 2 ended up being seen crying in the hallway by a member of the pastoral team. They were asked if they were ok.

Child 2 said, “No.”

The member of staff proceeded to tell Child 2 that “anxiety does not go away” and sent them, still crying, back to class.

Child 2 went back to class and continued to cry.

It took a classmate to flag that Child 2 was so distressed before the teachers noticed (there were 2 in the room, in addition to a TA). Thankfully they were given permission to leave the classroom.

When Child 2 told me about this last night I sent an email to the SENDCo and asked what happened to all the support they said was in place.

You’ll never guess their response.

No, they didn’t apologise.

No, they didn’t ask if Child 2 is ok.

No, they didn’t express remorse, compassion or empathy.

…wait for it….

They said that we had not notified them Child 2 would be at school.

Now, that could be a reasonable point. Sure, if they ever said they need advance notice of attendance.

Did they?

Nope. Not even once.

Here’s my question:

If they need advance notice of attendance, because they do not expect The Children at school otherwise, why have they recorded all the absences as ‘unauthorised’ when it should be ‘not expected?’

Lots of love from Me xxx

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