Just so tired…

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Dear Diary


I’m just tired of the nonsense.


The Headteacher wrote to The Psychiatrist almost, but not quite, blatantly saying that we have not been honest.

It just so happens that I’m one of those people who keeps their GP and other relevant people (like The Psychiatrist) updated on all developments. I’ve done it for years with our GP by writing to him to give him a summary of whatever has happened health wise so he is always aware of current issues. There have been difficult topics but we have always been honest: if we aren’t honest with him he won’t be able to help.

I think that history with him has helped him to believe what I’m telling him re the school-he knows me.

So, with the inclusion of The Psychiatrist in our lives, I, of course, keep them updated on what is happening with the school because it has a direct impact on Child 1 and Child 2 and their emotional and psychological health.

There has been a flurry of emails from the school over the past couple of weeks presumably because we are at the end of the academic year and so they can say they replied.

Anyway, I sent an email to The Psychiatrist giving them an update on developments with Child 1, Child 2 and the school. A few hours later the school sent an email to The Psychiatrist using the phrase “in case you are not aware” several times and then detailing information I had already provided but with a spin to imply they have done all they can and we are not cooperating.


The Psychiatrist is furious. They are shocked and very upset at the way the school has been and is continuing to treat us.

Why is the school throwing rocks when we’re supposed to be working together?

The crux of the problem is that the school just does not believe that Child 1 and Child 2 have any legitimate difficulties with attending.

Exhibit 1 is the referral to Social Services for Fabrication of Illnesses. We still have no idea of what evidence this allegation was based.

Exhibit 2 is the list of referrals to the Attendance Office and Social Services.

Exhibit 3 is their refusal to accept The Psychiatrist’s reports which detail the difficulties.

Exhibit 4 is the language they use in their correspondence to The Psychiatrist, the Attendance Office and Social Services.

I do not know when the school staff became Medical Professionals and able to diagnose children – or dispute diagnoses – but I think that until they accept there has been school trauma and the difficulties that accompany such experiences we are going to be stuck in this loop.


Unless we deregister The Children…


It should not be this exhausting to access mainstream education for The Children.

Lots of love from Me xxx

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